MAAT conference on Post-Internet Cities

I met a few wonderful people at MAAT’s Post-Internet Cities, namely Nashin Mahtani, Morten Søndergaard,  Andrea BaldiniAlice Bucknell, Marisa Olson and Giselle Beiguelman. I was also curious about the work by IOCOSE Collective, after listening to Matteo Cremonesi presentation. I had the feeling that if I have had the opportunity to listen to Linda Aloysius‘s complete wanderings on “Art: Women’s Dirty Work in the Digital Age”, another impression would last. Funny and very MIT was AI and ML approach by intelligent design post-graduate students Stephanie Cedeño, Xiaoxuan (Sally) Liu, Godiva Veliganilao Reisenbichler, Nicci Yin.

Please see Key GUIs page on this blog.

Thank you Pedro Gadanho and Helena Barranha for the invitation.

The only question (rephrased) I addressed the conference:

What are the differences between technology and nature from the point of view of today’s children, and what differences will they make to future art practices?