Post Art Gallery

By Antonio Cerveira Pinto

—Post Art Gallery is a spinoff of Second City

Second City is a new electronic realm growing along the brick-and-mortar town of Lisbon. Inside of this new reality, we are developing the Post Art Gallery.

The artists showing at Post Art Gallery will begin by drawing psychogeographic maps (1) of the inner city. A psychogeographic map is a subjective map of the city and an itinerary to meet with the artist’s work. By definition, this is a work in progress.

Each artist will be represented at Post Art Gallery by a map punctuated with GPS coordinates where he or she can plant artworks developed in collaboration with the Second City Consortium.

Humans can find unique mixed-reality artworks at the Post Art Gallery. They only have to opt for the artist and art map they want.

Netizens from all over the world can access to any artist map and may link to the artist social network. Nevertheless, those artworks delivered by Second City Consortium for Post Art Gallery will only be appreciated on location.

Each artwork in this Post Art Gallery at Second City can be sponsored by a company or institution, owned by the author or by an art collector, or on sale.

AndroidIdol | I am android girl


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