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Ian Cheng


Audiographic mapping

Collective drawing session of audiographic mapping

Collective drawing session of audiographic mapping experimenting with low-tech synthesizers produced in Workshop “Designing Sound Designed” guided by Mauricio Martins, articulated with the Workshop R.U.A. (Augmented Urban Reality) guided by Lilian Amaral
Confluence of speeches and actions of the two workshops
Oficinas do Convento
November 4, 2012

Cartografia audiográfica

Sessão coletiva das Oficinas “Desenhar Som Desenhado” e R.U.A. Realidade Urbana Aumentada

Desenho de cartografia coletiva audiográfica com a experimentação de sintetizadores de baixa tecnologia produzidos na Oficina Desenhar Som Desenhado orientada por Maurício Martins, articulado com a Oficina R.U.A. Realidade Urbana Aumentada orientada por Lilian Amaral
Confluência de discursos e ações das duas Oficinas
Oficinas do Convento
4 de novembro de 2012

Yung Jake

Yung Jake. Donald Trump

Fumito Ueda

Fumito Ueda. The Last Guardian (2916)

The Last Guardian official website

Dasha Battelle

Dasha Battelle. Snap.
Dasha Battellle, Snap.
Dasha Battelle. Snap.
Dasha Battelle. Snap.
Sasha Battelle. Snap.

Mariana Castro

Mariana Castro
Mariana Castro


Industrial Housing (USA 1910-1930)

Chicago was a pioneer site for sprawling ready-made bungalow cities

When houses became living machines, and city planning a mass production factory.We need an ideologically smart comparison between the novelty of 20th Century American housing and the European old century way of doing houses and cities.

Alladdin Houses built more houses than sears, the other great industrial house builder
1919. Alladin Cities
Alladin bungalows for Canada

Sears Archives (great stuff)

Pedro Zamith + António Salvador Carvalho

“We [Pedro Zamith and I] developed and drawn most of the illustrations on our free time after work meeting one time a week for a period of about one year. The process implied we exchanged and intervened constantly on each other compositions, almost like a cadavre exquis but with an open dialogue and negotiation.”

António Salvador Carvalho

“Almanaque de um filantropista misantropo”
“Almanaque de um filantropista misantropo”
“Almanaque de um filantropista misantropo”
“Almanaque de um filantropista misantropo”

Aldo van Eyck

Aldo van Eyck-iglo in Osdorp, ca 1963.
Foto: Cas Oorthuys / Nederlands Fotomuseum.
Aldo van Eyck. Playground
Aldo van Eyck. Amsterdam Orphanage, 1960.


Constant. New Babylon Paris, 1963. Courtesy: Haags Gemeentemuseum
Constant. New Babylon

IOCOSE—art after failure

IOCOSE, Art after failure: an artistic manifesto from the city of Bangalore

Art after failure: an artistic manifesto from the city of Bangalore
by IOCOSE (Ruffino P., Cremonesi M., Cuttica F., Prati D.)

Originally published in Ghidini, M. and Kelton, T. (2015), Silicon Plateau Vol-1, T.A.J. Residency and SKE Projects, Bangalore: India (LINK).


PetaBencana Website—an example of social mapping.

New Babylon by GUS

more from GUS

Corinne Rose

Lab Programs: Corinne Rose – Urban Micro Lens

Free Space Berlin – Berliner Liegenschaften

Berlin Lab
Urban Micro-Lens: An Interview with Corinne Rose
By Christine_Mclaren

The Lab Team in Berlin will have an overarching theme of making and doing—empowering everyday citizens to create and improve their own cities. Within this theme, Lab Team members have each chosen a special focus based on their skill sets and backgrounds.
Corinne Rose is a psychologist and artist who examines the interactions between urban space, art, and psychology. At the Lab she will focus on the Urban Micro-Lens—microanalyzing urban environments, the unconscious processes of urban life, and the perception, communication, and emotions within urban contexts.

Read more here, and here

Alice Bucknell

Alice Bucknell
Boros Bunker x Michigan Central Station
multiple exposure film on paper
Alice Bucknell
Humboldt Box x Berliner Dom
multiple exposure film on paper

John Hejduc

John Hejduk. “Victims”, 1984
John Hejduk. “Victims”, 1984.
Peter Eisenman. “Torres Hejduk”. Cidade das Artes, Santiago de Compostela.


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