Ideal Spaces

Ideal Spaces, Three Worlds, 2016

What is an ideal space? On one hand, stemming from the Greek idea and eidos, an ‘ideal space’ is a space that exists in the imagination. On the other, in its colloquial understanding, it is a space that is ‘ideal’ in the sense of a perfected or utopian space.

Ideal Spaces is an art and research working group focused on the shaping of contemporary living spaces. Drawing from historical and technological research, the group composed of cultural theorists, digital engineers and artists develops interactive exhibitions and platforms of exchange. These activities are aimed at proposing mechanisms to generate ideal spaces, rather than the design of actual, physical space. Thus, we are not only concerned with architecture, but also with processes of collective social dreaming and shared imagination.

As part of its activities, the working group explores and implements new applications for state-of-the-art interactive and modeling technologies.

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New Frontiers in Spatial Concept