Blockchain meets big ideas in Aspen
Ron Paul among speakers discussing the future of finance and decentralisation at three-day event

This vision of a libertarian utopia created through the purchase of sovereign land was laid out last week in Aspen, by early bitcoin investor Roger Ver, who told an audience that he was in talks to buy land. Rules for the proposed sovereign territory were few, such as no exporting of weapons or drugs and that there would be an age of consent. There would be no membership of the United Nations and no nuclear weapons. “As long as it’s peaceful, you can do whatever you want,” said Ver, calling for libertarians and constitutional experts to join his plan. “Even if you love government control, you should love our project,” he said, “so all us crazy libertarians can go off and create our own land. All you government loving people can sit back and say to us ‘look how you screwed things up’. But I don’t think we are going to fail,” he concluded to applause from the audience.

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